Due to growing public scrutiny of health care and respiratory care, in 1999 the AARC launched a Political Advocacy Contact Team to advocate public policies that will have a positive impact on the respiratory care community. PACT members interact with local, state, and federal government officials on public policies that affect our patients and our profession.
As an advocate for our members, the AARC does more than simply “watchdog” issues. The AARC aggressively advocates for the recognition of the value of respiratory therapy and therapists in all areas of public policy.
Across the country each state has two PACT 
representatives. These PACT representatives coordinate PACT efforts within their state by communicating with state PACT members as significant issues arise.
The AARC's goal is to have two respiratory therapists and one patient contact in each of the 435 Congressional Districts across the country.

Your Nevada PACT Representative

(T) 775-233-7936

  Sandy and Anthony in Washington, 2015


Respiratory Care Week is October 24-30 2021

How are you going to celebrate?
Respiratory Care Week is a week set aside annually during the last week of October by the 
American Association for Respiratory Care. It has been nationally recognized since 1982.  Its 
purpose is to honor the respiratory care profession, promote respiratory health, increase 
awareness of lung health issues, and to encourage those seeking education  and career 
opportunities in respiratory care. Locally, each respiratory care department in the various 
hospitals and other facilities traditionally have their own celebrations and special events 
honoring their respiratory therapists and also bringing attention to lung health issues.

We would love to hear how you and your facility will honor those who bravely fight life and breath every day.