Happy Respiratory Care Week

     As we begin to celebrate our profession this week, I would like to say a special thank you to all of you for your continued hard work and bravery during these unprecedented times.  When I first became a RT, I never would have imagined a situation where we would be needed so fiercely.  As a profession these past 18 months, we have endured through extremely long shifts extra shifts, working short, you name it, we have endured it.  Yet, we survived.  No, we thrived.  As a group, we came together to care for our patients, our co-workers, our families and not to mention each other.  While I do not currently work in the clinical field, it is still easy to see the toll this pandemic has had on our profession and our professionals.  This is why I implore each of us to take the time to care for ourselves.  Take some time to refresh, replenish and reset.  Spend time with family, take a long walk or perhaps that much needed spa day that we all swear we will take, but never do.  We cannot give our all to our patients or students if we have  nothing left to give.  So this respiratory care week, remember this is your week.  This week is about you.  Enjoy it and remember this week especially, take care of you.  Once again, thank you.

Happy Respiratory Care Week!

Gretchen Keys, 

President, Nevada Society for Respiratory Care