Nevada Society for Respiratory Care


The Nevada Society for Respiratory Care exists to encourage and
promote professional excellence and advance the evidence-based
practice of respiratory care. Working with the entire healthcare
continuum, the Nevada Society for Respiratory Care is dedicated to
positive patient care outcomes, advocating for patients, their families,
the public and the profession.
We are a chartered affiliate of the American Association for Respiratory
Care.  By joining the AARC, you have the opportunity to become a
member of the Nevada Society for Respiratory Care.

The Nevada Society for Respiratory Care was formed to:

Encourage, develop, and provide educational programs for those
persons interested in respiratory therapy and diagnostics, hereinafter
referred to as Respiratory Care.

Advance the science, technology, ethics, and art of respiratory care
through institutes, meetings, lectures, publications, and other

Facilitate cooperation and understanding among respiratory care
personnel and the medical profession, allied health professions,
hospitals, service companies, industry, governmental organizations,
and other agencies interested in respiratory care.

Provide education of the general public in pulmonary health promotion
and disease prevention.

Represent the respiratory care profession in the event of governmental
legislation involving the profession.
2014 NSRC Officers
President - Connie Small
Immediate Past President - Bonnie Weaver
Secretary - Vicki Smith
Treasurer - Bonnie Weaver
Vice-President - J
ohn Steinmetz
Director at Large - Art Little
Director at Large -  
Sandy Ollivier
Director at Large - Cecilia Degenhart

Director at Large - Angela Trail
Delegate - Anthony Everidge
Delegate -
Aimee Barnes
More detail on board members
Visit the
American Association for Respiratory Care's website for the
latest information in the respiratory profession.
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